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Who Runs GorranBus?

ID: 98
Date Posted: June 4, 2018

Your committee is a group of people who felt that it was time something was done to help people affected by their remoteness from urban centres and the lack of adequate transport facilities in Gorran and the surrounding areas. Following a meeting this became the Gorran & District Bus Association Ltd., and is now a registered charity and company with the committee as directors. With help from the Community Transport Association, Cornwall County Council, the Government’s Rural Bus Challenge and a lot of hard work by local people, grants and contributions were gathered sufficient to order a new bus that went into service 1st August 2000.

Except for our co-ordinator who takes reservations and plans pick-up routes, drivers, committee members, cleaners and other helpers are unpaid. Their purpose is to run an efficient service that augments rather than competes with existing commercial undertakings.

All members of the committee, besides service as directors of the company, meet a common requirement — they have a responsibility for a specific activity area.

Bob Bayliss – Chairman

A retired journalist, well known around Gorran events and such things as the Street Market and activities with Jill Bayliss our secretary. Bob writes a fair minute of our meetings and makes a good chairman. Has a tendency to get lumbered like most chairman with those jobs no-one else wants to take on and still smiles.

Stephen Church – Operations and Technical

Retired chief officer in local government. Ran a multi-authority computer bureau and fleet leasing operation with 1350 vehicles before he retired. Specifies our buses and handles many of the more technical aspects of our operation.

Peter Fuller – Treasurer

Accountant with BA (Retired) Just the right expertise to handle all the association’s financial affairs.

Jill Bayliss – Administration, Publicity and Duty Manager

Ex publishing and now applying old skills in a new field pulling together the secretarial and publicity powerhouse that keeps everything on the road.

Alan Lowe – Head Driver

Ex RAF and then involved with Ejection Seats but now takes care of our pilot seat and seeing that it stays filled.

— and then there is Ruth Leckie —
Our only employee; not on the committee but key to our operation – she takes bookings; plans pickups and is who you speak to when you ring 01726-844933